Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Iron Dome, Israel is giving America a Christmas list enough Iron Dome missile Battery's to protect Israel 360 Degree

I think it would be Cheaper to bring Israel to America ,give them their own land here than continue to pay for the on going war they have had for 60 year's funded by tax dollars. Iron Dome missile Battery's to protect Israel 360 Degree .The Obama admin gave 205 million a spit in the bucket to what it's gong to cost for the rest of the Christmas list Billions my friend...

Monday, September 24, 2012

32 people murdered over 15 day period in Detroit - Fox 2 News Headlines

32 people murdered over 15 day period in Detroit - Fox 2 News Headlines:

'via Blog this' More people are being killed in Detroit this year , Black  people than  white or blacks combined in any war zones in the world that Americans are in like Afghanistan. I think the Gov establishment thinks well it's just black criminals lose 1 gangster and arrest the shooter that's 2 down . The strange thing is now one cares not even the rich black's , the black athletes make a token  appearance at a youth center  Then go own they own way... This makes me very sad ..

Friday, July 13, 2012

ICP - Crystal Ball

"Crystal Ball"

Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Dark Lotus Family, Its Our World
Lookin my crystal ball it's alright

Welcome, my curious sisters and brothers
first, put a twenty in the jar with the others
(that's right take a seat)
ain't no smokin in here, I need to keep my ball clear
there spirits in there 
(what's your future, someone gonna shoot ya)
will you get your girlfriend back, as if I know that
I can only tell you where your soul is headed
and will remain eternally embedded, the rest forget it
life is nothin but a test to clear
did you have a heart while you where here
and was it sincere?
Your still unravelling your future right now
what kinda person are ya bro, oh, well there you go
you control your own muthafuckin' destiny
I aint lettin' the devil get the best of me
(I'm gonna make it into Shangri-La) golden walls
what's up with you check your own crystal balls
Lookin my crystal ball its allright
Layback, evolve, and I'll be alright
lookin in my crystal ball I'm seein' thugs
both catchin' and firein' slugs
(paper for drugs) I see a man waiting on block cheese in my lawn
(its the same old song)
but when I look into everybody's faces
(smile) there soul is headed other places
and they ain't worried about payin them dues down here
(because they mothafuckin future is crystal clear)
the focus switches to you and it ain't good
all mad cause someone rolls up into the neighborhood
check your self if judgement was passed, yo, you be in hell
(right up the ass-hole) the haten will get ya if ya let it
pack your speedo's I hear its hot where you headed
I'm trying to tell ya now (when the grim reaper calls)
you don't wanna be asked out grippin' your crystal balls
Lookin my crystal ball its alright [x3]
Lay back, evolve, and Ill be alright
look into my crystal ball its all black
and everybody's frozen in time front to back
their controlled by the matrix of mind, body and soul
and I'm branded by the system of carnival freekshow
I see the fame analyse cause nothin is the skies
its the same as seein the death in the demons eyes
I'm high in my sites, from the truth of my crystal ball
believe me when I say we comin for all of ya'll
look deep into my crystal ball
see the dead smokin on trees and drinking alcohol
underneath the street beneath the concrete
if you listen to the night you can hear my heart beat
all painted up carrying an axe and shit
juggalo love got each others backs and shit
encased in glass for the whole world to see
am I inside, or is the crystal ball inside of me
Lookin my crystal ball its alright [x8]
Layback, evolve, and Ill be alright
[fades out]
rain comes down (Lookin my crystal ball its alright)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Donna Summer was convinced -- inhaling toxic air after 9/11 gave her the lung cancer

You can Thank Big Oil worldwide And Oil Man George BUSH we needed the Iraqi oil and and Army over there to protect our interests Job Done Next Time We fight a War over oil bring Back some oil at a decent price ..

Thanks to TMZ for the Donna Summer Picture

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Computer Hardware & Software News | ExtremeTech

  1. Computer Hardware & Software News | ExtremeTech Scientists working Fermilab have successfully communicated a short digital message using a stream of neutrinos. The truly exceptional bit is that the message was transmitted through 790 feet of solid stone.