Friday, September 19, 2014

"NFL" as a Whole is lower than America population Per capita Domestic Violence Crimes ..

I am not Drinking the Kool Aid being served up by NEWS organization's about How bad The NFL football compared to all others as a whole.  Roger Goodell was on All Channels today like we were at war . The President Speaks like "911" attacks on all TV outlets. If you look at any charts of Domestic Violence Per Capita in America Verse's the NFL with the Big Strong Stallions in the prime of Testosterone lives, playing a Violent sport we crave and pay praise them to do our team will beat up your team " City Name" make me proud when you pound or Sister city into Submission , and don't you dare take any of that violence home with you!  I found it to be 5 incidents per 1000  in NFL US average 13.5 per 1000 people so why all the hoopla  cause it's the NFL . One person hitting another is too many ,Ever been smacked it hurts Physically and mentally. Animals
strike mates male and female and so do we ,  Sad but true So go out of your way to love each other..

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